Jin Shin Jyutsu

I really love this exercise as part of Mindfulness practice.

The reason why is that we not only get the benefits of the ancient technique but we can also use it as an anchor to the present moment.

The key of this exercise is to focus in the the contact between the fingers. We know that we have achieved our desired outcome when we feel a pulsation in the finger we are holding and/or the hand holding the finger. Now, personally I find that instead of a pulsation in a specific point I go into a full flow of energy in the whole body after practicing this exercise  few times.

So be open to your own experiences but use the pulse as an anchor to bring your attention to the present.

Practice is very important so don't get frustrated if you don't feel it the first time you do it or with every finger in both hands. Certain emotions and personal situations can make it more challenging to release at times. So remember... don't judge it, accept it, relax into it... whatever it is... is as it is mean to be right here right now.

Now... here is some more info and a video for you.

Jin Shin Jyutsu 

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a finger exercising technique from Japan which was thought almost 1500 years ago to help heal the body by “harmonizing life’s energies.”

Practitioners of the technique say that applying manual pressure on specific points in the hands releases tensions which are said to be the causes for various symptoms in the body.

Modern Jin Shin Jyutsu disciples have claimed that ancient written records contained in the Archives of the Imperial Palace in Japan explain how its principles were derived from a practice widely known long before the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things – Japan, 712 A.D.).

In these early texts, Jin Shin Jyutsu is defined as an “innate part of man’s wisdom” which simplifies the “complexities of existence.”

Its modern applications were revived in the 20th century by a Japanese man named Jiro Murai ( 村井 次郎 ; * 1886 -1960) who took inspiration from teachings sourced from ancient literature, including the “Book of the Old Things.”

Some concepts which delve on restoring the harmony in the human body‘s so-called energy channels have a similar philosophy to the acupressure and acupuncture therapies of traditional Chinese medicine.

Based on his research and personal experience, Murai claims he was able to correct and adjust the body’s energy whenever it’s out of balance by focusing on the hands.

While the philosophy teaches no specific rules, including the time required for each of the exercises, it is understood that it takes just about 5 minutes each hand to achieve the relaxing effect.

If properly done, Jin Shin Jyutsu reportedly fixes the body’s emotional imbalance caused by fear, anger, sadness, arrogance or pride.

Here are the basic Jin Shin Jyustsu exercises with corresponding explanations for you to try: (Please note to begin the exercise with the hand you feel most comfortable before moving on to applying the exercise to both hands.)

  • THUMB = WORRY and anxiety, Holding the thumb tightly for one to two minutes is said to alleviate worrying. This exercise also helps with insomnia, digestion, headache, stress, and nervousness, for calming, for skin health and for when you need to sit for a long time (sitting can cause swelling).
  • INDEX = FEAR, Holding the index finger tightly for one to two minutes is said to ease fear. It also reportedly helps teeth and gums, back pain, digestion and constipation, self-criticism, shyness, muscular tension, kidney and bladder energy and in situations where one needs to stand for long periods.
  • MIDDLE FINGER = ANGER, Holding the middle finger tightly for one to two minutes is said to relieve the feeling of anger. This exercise also helps blood pressure, fatigue, vision, irritability, to balance the emotions, or the energy of the liver and when one must read a lot.
  • RING = SADNESS and indecisiveness,  Holding the ring finger tightly for one to two minutes is said to counter the feeling of sadness. It also helps with hearing, respiratory functions, phlegm, skin conditions, the energy of the lungs and large intestine and when one must be lying down for a while (like when you are sick).
  • PINKY = SELF ESTEEM and confidence, Holding the pinky finger tightly for one to two minutes is said to give a boost of strength and confidence. It also helps with heart palpitations, swelling, trying too hard (at anything), insecurity, nervousness, with the energy of the heart and small intestine, and when one must walk a lot.
  • Pressing your thumb at the center of the palm of the other hand provides immediate stress relief.


I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to have fun with it!!







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