Healing & Spirituality

Healing and Spirituality are major parts of my practice, even do they don't need to be explicit unless you want to.

But for those that are in that specific journey I offer different options and services. From traditional Spiritual Healing to Spiritual Coaching or a mix between Healing and Coaching and other bits through Transpersonal Healing.

My personal journey follows the path of the Dakini and I could write a book or two about it! I'm a trance channel where the connection established between you and Source manifest physically in my body. Fascinating, beautiful but rare too.

It is my duty in this lifetime to maintain the channel. Keeping it flexible, open, clean and as ego free as possible to facilitate in servitude and support your journey, connection an ultimate experience in whatever area of your life or being is needed.

It is my duty and honour to support you to go as far as you want to go for the good of all concerned and with no strings attached. And in the mist of all that use any tools needed to help you succeed.

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